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Ken Brown

Ken Brown, passion for the national work.

We are a young company, but our brand has over 50 years in the market, and we accompany the different stages of the country, always betting on the domestic industry and growth within this region.

Our plant has 6,000 m2 in total, of which 600 m2 are for an assembly plant generation, and employ more than 150 workers.
We comply with the ISO 9001 requirements, which guarantee all the processes involved in the production and delivery of equipment is in the international standards. We DSU, which is anti-static control of all components, which assures the reliability of components that are manufactured at the plant, we reviewed 100% of the components for the production of a single test system, inspect a dual-stage, random mode to ensure that the customer receives the product in perfect condition and ready to be enjoyed.


Ken Brown has the same amount of people destined to control the production quality.

What does this mean? Simply that our goal is not only to produce technological products per se, but to get to have a range of products that can compete in terms of quality and originality with any first-world product designed and manufactured by multinational companies.

Single line in the continent with these features

Everything we do, we do with passion.

So we pay special attention to details that determine the applications of each team.

Permanent mission

Dedicated to providing technological satisfaction for all Argentines.