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Ken Brown is going to open a laptops and tablets factory in Entre Rios

The building site will start within 45 days, requiring an investment of 55 million pesos.

CEO, Christian Ruggeri, explained that 15 of the 55 million, will be destined to the installation of an automatic insertion line for the local manufacturing of imported supplies.

According to the local media, the initiative has been presented to the mayor, Blanca Osuna and the governor, Sergio Urribarri.

From the company ensure that within 18 months they will be able to produce, monthly, 20.000 notebooks and netbooks, 30.000 digital decoders, 15.000 digital cameras, 25.000 tablets, among other hardware.

The initiative is divided in three stages of six months each; the first one contemplates the work of the team of investigation and development of technological products; the second one will be the start up of the local assembly of the imported parts; finally, the last one, consists in the manufacturing of parts for their local assembly.

The firm foresees hiring 120 people with secondary education completed, plus college graduates for the directive areas (10 people) investigation and development (10 people) and for the administrative area (10 people)

The company already has presence in the national market, with its 6000 sqm factory located in Saavedra (Buenos Aires). This factory counts with a 600m assembly line and employs over 150 people.


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About Ken Brown

Ken Brown is a brand with over 50 years experience and a great history in the technology market, which is committed to excellence in quality and user experience. Since its launch music combined with lacquer discs to the powerful notebook with Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, has a broad repertoire which sustains their experience.

Today, again positioned in the technology market with the launch of several art equipment. Its mission is to offer the most diverse products with the best technology to provide quality national origin and strengthen their bond with the customer.

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